• Soft-Consult provides consulting services in IT and software development.
  • Consulting services include:
    • Auditing and developing information system requirements;
    • Developing functional model of the company;
    • Technical feasibility analysis.
  • Software development services include:
    • System requirements development;
    • Designing applications;
    • Implementation;
    • Testing;
    • Reengineering;
    • Support.
  • Main areas of software development are the following:
    • ERP system development
    • Document managment system development
    • Windows application development
    • Mobile application development for Windows Mobile, Android and iOS
    • Web‑application development
  • Technologies used:
    • Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android OS
    • Platforms: Microsoft.NET, MS SQL Server, iOS, Android
    • Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostresQL, Interbase/Firebird, MySQL, SqLite
    • Programming languages: C#,VB.NET, C/C++, Java, JavaScript, VBA, Delphi, Perl
    • Internet Technologies: ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET WebForms, Silverlight, Flex, IIS, AJAX, CSS, XML/XSLT, DHTML, jQuery, Servlet
    • APIs/SDKs: .NET Framework, COM/DCOM, MSXML, Win32 API, ActiveX, Active Directory, Sockets, TCP/IP, Windows Mobile SDK, Android SDK, iOS SDK

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St. Petersburg, Russia,

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E-mail: proposal@soft-consult.ru

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