• Our customers come from Europe, USA and Russia.
  • The most well‑known of our customers are:
  • Parexel Parexel, Germany

    PAREXEL International is a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) which offers a range of services to assist the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries in bringing new products to market.

  • RoboBAT RoboBAT, France

    Robobat group is a leading supplier of structural engineering solutions: structural software, CAD design software, modeling solutions for civil and structural engineering Industries.

  • Holtsmark Holtsmark, Denmark

    Holtsmark is a Danish software company.

  • Peterstar PeterStar, Russia

    PeterStar is one of the leading telecommunication companies of St. Petersburg, Russia, providing telephony, internet and data transfer services.

  • Megafon Megafon, Russia

    Megafon is one  of three first-rate mobile communication providers in Russia.

  • DorStroiProekt DorStroiProekt, Russia

    DorStroiProekt is one of the largest companies working in the area of road building in the North‑West region of Russia.

  • Synterra Synterra, Russia

    Synterra is a Russian telecommunication operator.


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