• Soft-Consult provides consulting services in IT and software development, covering a wide amount of customers’ needs, beginning with auditing and ending with developing of complex information systems.
  • The major lines of our activities are the following:
    • Developing ERP systems
    • Developing document management systems
    • Developing geographic information systems
    • Developing distributed systems for business processes automation
    • Developing computer‑integrated telephony applications
    • Developing mobile applications
  • Our main goal is providing high professional services in order to fulfill customers’ needs and improve customers’ business efficiency.
  • Soft-Consult was founded in 2001. Since then we implemented over 30 projects concerning software development and IT consulting. We are cooperating both with large and small companies. Among our customers are well‑known companies like Parexel (Germany), RoboBAT (France), Megafon (Russia) and Peterstar (Russia).
  • Staff of our company consists of  high‑qualified specialists having a wide experience in IT consulting and software development. Our employees know English and have an experience of foreign business trips to USA and UE countries.
  • Soft-Consult is a member of Microsoft Partner Network program.

Room 201, 27a, Gzhatskaya,
St. Petersburg, Russia,

Tel: 7 (812) 534-84-81
Fax: 7 (812) 534-84-81

E-mail: proposal@soft-consult.ru

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